Friday, April 16, 2010

My Indian Electronic Media Yesterday! :X

The main worry for the media yesterday was this stupid IPL and the open power struggle between two men who care nothing about state of affairs in India.

Why is this happening? The media was least bothered about the failure that India faced because of failure to launch GSLV using homogeneously built cryogenic engines! Its a bloody 17 years of hard work by ISRO to meet that day and we are not even feeling sorry for that. Rather we are talking about a lady who has stake in an IPL franchise. Now, face it! What big deal? At the end of the day if not her, there would be someone else, what would it do to a common man?

For goodness sake, the Media, please start to be more responsible. Yes money is important, but there should be some morality!

And on IPL! When we face power shortages and hurt the farmers by having power cuts for almost 6 hours a day and we have flood lights for an evening match and simultaneously waste more power by virtue of millions watching it over televisions! And the government just says that its an individual body and we cannot interfere in that! BULL SHIT!

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LK said...

If they show those things will the TRP ragings increase? it wont. everything is comemrcial. they lost the rights to be called as Fourth pillar of democracy.