Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I really am puzzled when this generation folks say he/she is best/true/great friend etc.,. I really don't get it! Can friendships be categorized? When you say someone a friend, he/she has done something to you that has had a long lasting impact on your life. Be it how trivial, an impact is impact! If this categorization is based on the frequency with which one has calls someone that way, then it is not right! I have friends all around the world from Erode to Europe, from Anna Nagar to America, From Bangalore to Bogota, and I don't even get to meet them or talk to them that often! So are they distant friends? No never! I know they wish me well and they want me succeed in what I do. After all this typing am still puzzled on what it means.. :)


aishu said...

True! u made me to think!! :)

LK said...

nice one .. short and sweet