Sunday, September 11, 2011

A tribute a good friend Senthil Manikkam.

A 34 year old, father of 6 year old daughter died in an unfortunate accident when a two wheeler from behind hit him while he was riding and all that he had was a broken nose. But he passed away in a couple of hours. Apparently, the damage to his nose was so deep that it hit the brain and closed the channels to the lungs and he succumbed to this! Had he wore an helmet, we would have never been in a situation of consoling that little Angel and her mother.

Gayathri, Mrithula, Vivek and Amma, may you have all the strength in this world to get over this and start a life again. For once, I wish God is true and he can erase away this pain as I feel it myself.
Senthil. You had lot more to offer to this world. We will dearly miss you. Rest in Peace.

I have heard of lot many incidents like these, but this one really is shaking me to the core. It is so difficult for me to comprehend this situation.

Riders! Please wear helmets.

It is not a difference between life and death. It is rather the wellness of the people who you care for and their lives thereafter! Be responsible to them as they are your life and you are their life.

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