Sunday, May 20, 2012


Again, this based on the discussion I had with one of my team mates. I was explaining how we as part of the current engagements are able to keep things to no escalation record. Thought, I should draft it here as well. Of course, this is not the only means to do so, but this is my only way ;)
- Raj

Any relationship, be it professional or personal, is always based on two important factors. Trust and Respect. I do not think that we will ever be able to relate to someone without having these two. However, this does not come very easily and quickly! There are other factors that contribute to these two.
Honesty, Integrity, intent, passion, promise and so on. 

Now, in a professional environment, imagine a relationship with a customer and imagine not having these two. Of course, we start of, probably on a 50/50 note. But then to increase that, we will have to go with the right intent, show integrity, be honest, exhibit passion and pride and most importantly set the right expectations and live up to the promise made! Trust comes with Honest opinions and Respect comes with show of Integrity. These two increase, when we show ownership of what we manage or handle!

It might seem so simple, but it is not so easy to be so! It takes a lot of effort to be so. But once we make it an habit, it is all so simple and when we start a new relationship, we know how to build that and most importantly, that will be built very quickly! 
In essence, make honesty an habit, never compromise your Integrity, do not lose Focus or Intent, never bring down you Passion levels and do not break your Promises.
- Raj

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Karthik said...

100% true...Unfortunately most of them doesn't realize this else could not make it since there was everything else except passion to drive this