Saturday, December 29, 2012

State of Affairs - 29th December, 2012.

I really do not understand what people are talking about in terms of special parliament session, stringent laws, non bailable offence, capital punishment, clemency and all such stuff!

This is not a law and order problem for goodness sake, this is a societal and cultural issue after all. An issue of making both genders aware and honor that female gender is not weaker. It is about making men to respect womanhood.... It is about making each mom, sister, daughter, wife and aunt feel safe....

No law can make a man (or a woman for that matter) respect and protect a woman from this. It is a society that will make her safe! It is the guidance we give to the younger ones that will make a daughter feel safe and the make a son a responsible person.

It is a bloody change that we all have to have within! Ask me how? I don't know, but for sure I know that law alone cannot make a man not have a boner every time he says a lady alone! I don't know. People are so emotionally tied up to a problem and are thinking from within the problem where we will never find a solution. 

May be sex Education? I don't know... but I feel and know laws alone would not make this change!

You 23 year old brave heart! You represent every single Indian woman who for sure feels unsafe in this country, not now, not then and even here after. My heart goes out to your family who will now get into the public glare while they will forever be inconsolable!

While you will rest in peace, may you be the torch that guides us to our inner peace. We may in due course of time forget the issue, but not you! Certainly I'll never forget you or the issue!

I now know what I need to do to protect my little one!

- Raj

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