Friday, August 19, 2016

Rio Olympics and India

Olympians from India.

Take pride for the fact that you got in there after all of the "great" support our government, politicians, media, arm chair activists and the so called rich gave!

Take pride for the fact that with all the infrastructure we have in the country for your respective sports, you go us all a representation at the games!

To Me! You are as good as our men and women in uniform representing this great country! That by all means is the medal for all of us! I, for one, very proud of the fact that you had all the courage to get there and represent India, for all the adversaries that you faced! Hats off! You are not just medallions or participants, but rarest of the golds that the country has produced!

Yes am equally proud of the medal ladies and the one that missed by a whisker.. An example of how girls can make a nation proud if only if we let them live by not killing even before they are born!

Not the least... The coaches. If not for your relentless efforts, these boys and girls are not the ones that they are now.

Thanks for inspiring a billion people! That's not an easy task!

Hope the leaders take note of how to represent the country in the parliament and assembly!

- Raj

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