Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Views!

Over a few discussions on the Jalli Kattu issues, I realized, that people have less or no understanding of the challenge and I don't blame for not everyone knows everything!

But to say this a barbarism or cruelty towards animals, I think then it is ignorance! 

Now let's have the argument..

1. If bull fight is not a sport because a group of men don't treat the bull fairly, then Kabadi is more worse than this! Tomorrow PETH will be formed and strip us those only gold medals in Asian and common wealth games that India gets.
2. People in India, we believe in fasting and some fast for 48 days to go to Sabari Malai etc.,. Let's also ban that, because it is cruelty towards humans, for goodness sake. Let PETH be formed!
3. During Pongal days, we have something called uriyadi, where folks are blindfolded and are asked to hit the pot hanging on ropes a bit further and one has to go and accurately hit that. It can and actually does hurt other people!
4. I know the whole argument of mine could be nullified saying who talks (actually cares) about humans, it is all about animals. Many arguments on those as well... mine is.  We have kids and pets at home and mostly in India, we have them chained and confined within homes. And the kids, the way they play with those dogs and cats, if we could relate that to this one, it by no means is less cruel. So let's ban pets at home as well!

There are many such stuff that we do, that could be illogical to the so called western and modern worlds! 

In the name of modern world, we have lost a lot of good stuff. Yes, we need to evolve.. Yes we need to get out of the caste systems, thank goodness, we have banned sati and other rituals that hurt humans and may look uncivilized. But underline the word ritual! Sati was a ritual, not a tradition! So let's not mix things!

These traditions and sports have been there for ages and have reason to that. Let's understand that the we deviating from those cultures will have spin off effects on the very fabric that holds us as a family or even a society... 

And if tradition is wrong, why get married and have a family! Let's go eff around! I know the people who have counter arguments will say that Jallikattu issue has nothing to do with tradition, but in my view, Jallikattu is very much a sport and sports like these are part of my tradition! And yes I want to up hold my traditions!

These are my personal views and not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments! But we are living in the so called modern times where others' sentiments do not matter! So registering my views anyways!

- Raj.

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