Monday, April 27, 2009

Please Vote!

Take Pride:
We all should know Voting is the basic right we all have, as citizens of India. It is the right of every citizen to determine the course of this country and not our now corrupt bloody politicians! If only the elite, educated 40% of the population who do not vote normally turn out on that day, for sure we would have had a better India! Now, please do not rake up the debate if India is now better or not!

The young new voters; feel proud to say that you had a say in determining what India should be! Please get out on the Voting day and go and vote! Its history! And for others who are voters already, please ensure we continue to do the same! Lets all take pride in determining the future of India! 

Lets all say out loud that am a proud Indian and I have never missed to vote in any election no matter what the situation was! Am proud to say that! I have never missed a chance to vote!

Politicians and We:
Don't ever blame politicians any more as everyone who has voting right is a politician by him/herself!

Most of us seem to have an excuse based on the politicians! But I have a simple question...
How many of follow the simple road rules? May be a paltry 10%? Yes I mean follow strictly! 
- See the amber stop, start only when you see green? 
- Allow the pedestrians the right to cross (if not a right at least its humane to respect their lives)
How many of us do that? The Buses take a ride on cars, cars take a ride on bikes, bikes take a ride on pedestrians and so on and so forth! When a simple common man like us, do take things for granted, what would a person with some power do?

I'm not saying that its all because of us! Am saying that the system itself is not right! Everyone disobeys the well laid rules as per our capacity! Rather than taking it as our ownership we want the politicians to change. We want them humble, innocent, have some morals etc.

We have to start creating these kind of awareness among people! If the system steadies itself, then you will see lot more young people, not sons and daughters of politicians, or shakers and movers. Not that am against their involvement, but they are the same breed! They just are so corrupt! The political and corporate DNA in this country is so corrupt that we need to stone everyone! The fact is that its a corrupt political system that is from top to bottom!

If alone we can instill confidence in ourselves and say we can do that, we can definitely change the system! I re-iterate, we are as much part of the system as like those with the corrupt DNA! We need to change first rather than asking them to change!

You don't have to kook forward to seeing leaders in the current crop! That's where we falter! Same old beggars come into play! More leaders should arise! New Leaders I mean!
Leaders are not the ones that are followed!
They are the ones that lead! The issue is that the current setup does not allow anyone else to lead!

In my view not voting at all is a crime! Please Please get out and vote!

And lastly, it is our duty as well! There is no point in blaming the corrupt system for all the misfortunes! We are pretty much part of the system! Lets first gear ourselves to keep it clean. The starting point is election! Get out and vote! And then the rest will be taken care of!

If you do not want to vote enjoy the 49-O provision in the Indian constitution! Its better than sitting at home watching TV!

Lets stand up once and make the difference! 

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Chand said...

Hi Raj
This appears to be a gud initiative at the right time . The best thing I liked is the question you posed to each one of us - How many of us follow and Obey simple Traffic Rules ? You hit the nail right on the head ... yes .. I agree ... let us not wait for the world to change , rather let us change ourselves so that the world around us changes with us for the gud...

Thanks for taking this social awareness ....

Tks... Chandru