Friday, October 2, 2009

Time Machines!

Recently, I saw a question on Orkut, if I would go back or forward in time. And the Answer that I came to my Mind......

We always miss anything and everything from our past! We always want to know what would happen to us in the Future! But given a chance I would never want to go back in time nor do I want to go forward as well!

Though I love and miss a lot of my past, I don't want to miss what is now! I don't want to miss the motivation of being curious on what would be the next minute/day/month, so on and so forth.

I know that one day I would have to die, but that is why we are born! We are born to die! Its only natural! What we do though is survive every day and every challenge that we face until we reach the end! I better try to survive the new challenges than go back live through the same set of challenges we faced earlier! Besides whats the fun living the same life again!

Though am a lot eager and may be a bit anxious to know what life has to offer to me, I also will not go forward in life because this makes my life shorter! Whats the fun in not seeing my little angel's angel grow, roll over, crawl, sit, walk, talk and finally start questioning me! I better try to survive the new challenges than to skip them!
I'll enjoy each and everyday and thats what I believe I'm here for! I would rather live my entire life and die and rather than reaching my end so soon!

I know I could have spent these 5 minutes of typing this text in a much better and productive way. But thats the way it goes! I would have missed this experience if I had taken the time machine :P


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