Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do we need a Revolution in India?

I don't know what we mean by revolution here!

I think the need of hour is a complete revamp of everything including our outlook towards everything. From Politics to corporates to entrepreneurs to self employed to job goers to job seekers to students to housewives to farmers everyone has to change!!!

There is no point in blaming a small section of the society.

The blood in politics and corporates of this country so much so corrupt that even their next generation cannot change it! Ambanis, Priyanka, Stalin for example! Am sure the moment they try that they are gone! Gone as like Rajiv Gandhi, the one leader who thought of changing the way the nation works! And GOK who is behind his death!

I believe the change should be systematic and a planned one to deliver with long term in mind. It can happen only slowly! view, the only way to do that is to educate people! Am sure everyone is capable of doing it!

+ If only am able to give education to 100 kids before I die, I think I have sowed the seeds!
+ If 10% each become IAS, IPS, Politicians, Doctors, Engineers, Govt employees, IFS, Farmers, Teachers and Advocates I think I have got the root.
+ Now these 100 do a 100 each that is the tree!
+ If those do a 100 each, the 3rd Generation from now will have the fruits and become seeds themselves!
+ If I become 10000 now, I think the fruits can be had in the 2nd generation itself!

But, these things have to be done at the right earnest! Be anonymous to those kids! Never expect any favors from them and that will set the right context! They will do so when they do a 100!

So the change is within us! Rather than expecting a Mahatma or a Nethaji, lets be the ones who make the difference! Look around you. You will find a lot of potential seeds!

Take ownership of the society that your Grand Children will live in and start sowing seeds!!!!
Stand up and Say I'm the change!

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