Monday, February 22, 2010

Can we be Self Made?

No one in the world has defined what he will be.
Everyone we meet or any word that we hear, or any act that would inspire shapes us!

Don't ever say that am a "self-made" man!!! We are made by many like us, around us, even might be on the remotest part of the globe whom we would have not met, but whose thoughts we would know by media or books or whatever!

I stand up and say, am influenced by others!

Now, am I successful? I don't know, because success is a relative factor. Its like running race. If I run a race without anyone, am the winner. If I have somebody in the race and he does not run, then still am a winner!

No achievement is good/bad or small/great! If you feel content by not killing an ant, then you are a success! And the irony is, if you are to be killed by a lion, then you might as well be called as a failure! Thats life!

So, even success is influenced by others! Don't ever think that you don't need anybody in your life! We are not "Self-Made"

- Rajkumar Kandasamy

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