Thursday, September 23, 2010


What is happening in India now is an absolute shame! The country know for its culture and tradition, a culture part of which hospitality is a very significant factor will be now hell bent down before the entire world!

Corruption, power politics and arrogance is what we can say about people who rule this country at New Delhi. What should have been completed during 2007 will not be completed possibly by 2017 or worse will never get completed at all. And we will possibly be spending more Billions on this from the poor tax payers. Like how I read, if had spend 100 Crores on individual athletes we would have possibly had 700 athletes representing India in the future. Now all we are seeing is debris and worse is that making India ashamed after all this spending! 70,000 Crores! This is crazy and the worst thing is that we are not able to do anything at all!

Mr. PM. Please call it off. It is lot better than countries boycotting and the games not happening at all! If you really cannot do that it proves that good men need not necessarily make good leaders! An elderly statesmen like you shouldn't even get these words from a loafer like me! Be pragmatic and realistic and ensure that we keep the flag of India flying high!

Please call off CWG 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have people all over the world who will reading this one, but am not concerned because they will anyway be reading something worse than this in their newspapers already!
- Raj.

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