Monday, June 6, 2011

Nilaa.. First day at Play School.

Yeah First day at play school for Nilaa...

Was a bit emotional for me and as well as tensed... Now this lady is moving out of her comfort zone and will now be taught more lessons than what a mother and father would be able to. I know this is not something that she can escape from, but cannot imagine the pace with which her life is moving on! It seemed that it was yesterday that she was born, but now, it is time for me find a good school to put her in! A bit scary :).

All in the morning, everything was perfect from her wake up to morning chores to breakfast to getting ready and her drop by Leela. I only wish it stays the same everyday.

And need to mention, Leela and the preparation she had done for this, is incredible!

While I was tensed and emotional, was excited too. And as always this is a moment to Celebrate and will Cherish the enthusiasm Nilaa showed while entering her school.

As a dad, I hope she does well :)

- Raj.
பிள்ளை நிலா பள்ளி செல்ல... அவள் பையோடு என்ன இதயம் போக கண்டேன்...


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