Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blessings & Lessons!

All of us have a lot of complaints against people in our lives; mostly when they do not live up to our expectations and of course when many a times they end up screwing our trust by their misdeeds and actions.
That's when we realize that these people are not worth to be in our lives! Well, physically may be yes, but emotionally can we throw someone out of our lives? I do not know, but here is my thought!

There are two kinds of people that we can see in life.
1. Some come as blessings.
2. Some come as lessons.

Can we live without these two? Of course, we need both. Rather than treating people as not important in life any more, let us treat them as lessons and move in life. We can never get rid of anyone in our lives! 

- Raj

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