Friday, October 5, 2012

5th October, 2012 - 35 years passed

Well one more time and one more time during this era of social networking with blogs and face books of the world.
I've been wanting to pen down my 50th blog, thought I could hold until this date to do so! And here I'm!

As always, it felt good to be remembered and good to see love of people. All I can say is that am fortunate. I wish, I could have this love and affection till my end! So many phone calls, SMS', emails and Facebook messages. It will take a lot of time for me to thank everyone individually, but for sure I'll do that.

Now, at 35, am I cross roads? Of Course Yes!. I realize that! I also realize that time is running fast and there are a lot that I would want to close before the steam is over. But this blog is not for what I want to do going forward, but for what I have had in the last 35 years and where I think I stand now!

Have these years been very tough? For sure they were and I think it is the same for each one of the living being in this world. May be mine was a bit more tough than a few at my age as life always thrust me to take up responsibilities too early in my life. Be it starting schooling at the age of 2+ and completing graduation when I was 20, to losing dad at 24, to even good growth in my professional career, I was probably ahead of people of my age in terms of being thrust with responsibilities. And I now know what my mentor used to say, responsibilities are the measure of your growth and for sure I've grown.

Can I complain? I do not know.

On one hand, it has given me a lot of valid lessons  unforgettable experiences, unconventional wisdom and a bit more maturity which has ensured that I take life as it comes with lesser fuss. On the other hand, it does sometimes overwhelms in certain situations be it personal or professional. But then, those are one of times and I get back to normality easily.

I have faced so many adversities that now with no challenges or small challenges am really scared if all is well with my life. But all of these scares go away very quickly because of whatever people call it as maturity for it makes me understand that life goes on and that I need to move on.

Looking back at this one year, this has been more than significant particularly the last one month on certain decisions I've made regarding change within myself and external and trust me, the transition has been easy. Now, I'm looking forward for the changes to give visible benefits. The last one week has been really terrific with a lot of mixed emotions and of course will pen down the outcome in the coming months.

This year had a lot of milestones, one certainly Nilaa's school going would mark as a very one important in my personal life. On the professional front, being identified as a MVP and Key Talent within my organization was a certain high!

For today, the day started off well, went on with a day long meeting, so could not take calls or even respond to emails. Towards the end was a farewell for a long timer in my organization and then had to rush back home with Nlaa, Leela and Amma. And could not believe myself, doing a celebration because Nilaa forced me literally. Went and bought few balloons, cake and candles, and had a very private celebration at 8:30 in the evening! A moment, that made me realize that my priority is only keep people happy. I have never wanted to celebrate my b'day and had to do so because of Nilaa! And I just had to budge to see her smile and that was worth it all!

Coming back to my life, one thing that has been certain and probably a clue or cue or example or experience from my life is that, no matter what you collect in your life, the precious ones are people. Like responsibilities are the measure of one's growth, people are the measure of one's wealth!

I know, I'm wealthier than a lot of folks by means of people wanting something good to happen to me always and I do not know whom to thank for this. I feel, I'm just fortunate. Sometimes I feel that Mother Nature has been so liberal for she had sent me a lot of people who make me feel worth of their love.

While, I embark onto my second phase in my life, I acknowledge all the love, care, support and cheer that has been showered on me. I wish I come back the same day, next year and say the same and that Nature treats me as good as it treats me now.

And Miles to go before I sleep,
And Miles to go before I sleep.

Keep loving me!

I love to be loved!
I live to be loved!
- Raj.


Engram said...

Wow Raj...nicely penned down narrative and am sure that you will achieve much more in years to come.

Mahesh Lakshman said...

Nice one

Mahesh Lakshman said...

Nice one

Mahesh Lakshman said...

Nice one