Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tree - Happy Independence Day!

On the Eve of our 66th Independence day, I thought I’ll pen down my thoughts on what we can do to this wonderful country.

I know all of us are frustrated with the current state of affairs and we are in utter despair on how India would fare well!

I was thinking how we can become so hopeless when we have everything within ourselves to make an impact. The fact that I sit in an Air Conditioned office and type what I want to type means that we have a lot of freedom to do what we want to do and yet so we are expecting someone else to do it.
Yes! The challenge is that most of us do not take accountability or ownership for that! It is after all our country and we are responsible for what it is!
Let us not lose hope and let us ensure that we give our 100% commitment to turn things around!
Why are we expecting others to lead us when we ourselves can!
Why are we waiting for someone to initiate the change when we can be the change!

August 15th, 1947 was not the fruit, but just a seed. For 65 years we have not nourished it well and tree looks a bit out of shape. Starting now, if we can water it properly, if we can give it proper fertilizers, things will be lot better every single year. It need not be a revolution by itself. It can be like what I said earlier. http://kuttiraj.blogspot.in/2009/11/do-we-need-revolution-in-india.html.

Education and Agriculture are the two main areas where I would want to concentrate. Once these two get the prominence, other things will fall in place! So let us concentrate on giving education to the eligbile and the needy. Let us ensure that we help the agricultural sector in anyway that is possible.

For others it need not be the same two choices. You can pick two others areas. But show intent, and am sure things will fall in place.

The seed called Independence that was sown long back is now the tree that is growing. All we need is that as responsible citizens, we need to is feed the tree so the fruits of which are for our future Indians!

I was inspired by this small film. “The Tree”

It tells what we need to Do! As Simple as that :). 

Jai Hind! Let us keep the flame of freedom alive!



Anand V said...

As citizen's we need not move great trees, just go and vote Indians, that will bring a big change I feel.

srinivas said...

As a Indian we should feel proud of our democracy but at the same time we have to trigger of minds about the corruption and human values. Now a day’s no one care about the life of human being how much it is valuable, just as it as life of other living things. Recently i have come across tragic incident which happened to one of my close relative. Person travelling in bus, early morning someone stabbed the person and jumped out of the bus, killed two other persons.. All of them are spot dead. No one has clue (police, clues team) and Media showed with one day live program with details second to second updates. Real upset was they know killer is around forest area 10kms range, and Police department sent only police force to search ground level and some formal check up in that area. Normally if it happens in other countries they will go with helicopters and catch person with one or two hours span of time. Even Police team refuses to give the information about the incident during the team.
Do they know the value of person, person who died is has two small kids. , who is responsible for them? And no one knows the reason why this person died ,, very difficult to console my sister(died person’s wife) and Government (CM) simply says they will give some amount (ex-gratia) , what’s the future of their kids? So far no information, why they are so much complacent about the killer, he will kill other persons.. Really not able answer my mind queries for this tragic incident

Karthik Raghupathi said...

Somehow I feel the freedom which you are referring to i.e., sitting under the AC and pouring out from our mind doesn't look like a freedom to me...just because we have an internet and there are plenty of social networking sites around...all I do is just share my views...advice, suggest and what all...which doesn't worth it!! unless I step out and work truly..(rather I will put this as 'Selflessly', which I strongly feel is missing from us today!!) towards a goal which can really enrich your country..
This fact is proven by a recent news on auto fare issue in Chennai which was initiated by one of the 'Self-less' person from Chennai through FB was 'liked'(joined) by more than 10,000 people but when they called for a possession to meet the minister only 10 turned up..how sad :(...so lets stop typing and start working( including me :))!!!
lets stop typing and start working!!