Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Talent called Kamal Hassan!

There has been a lot said about Viswaroopam being a commual movie. Here is my thought that I shared on my FB wall added with few more emotions that came from this day! This is not against any section of the society! Kamal Can withstand these crap, I cannot!

- Raj

Sorry Kamal! Or Should we say... Apologies Kamal? Sorry that you are not celebrated because you are an Indian born in Tamil Nadu! 

What is secularism in India? I really now am confused!
We cannot just generalize and make it a communal problem... Movies are entertainments... 

If this goes like what is being said, then no movie should be released... All Thamizh/Indian movies have gundas or villains .. And not all of them are Muslims or not always are they are non Muslims... 

From Nayagan to Paruthiveeran we have enough examples of where a lot of different religions, castes and sections of society have sourced the villains in the movies... Doctors/Engineers/Advocates/politicians/Media/Students/Police even beggars, every section that we can think of has done that.. 

If every community starts making issues something like this then world cannot move on... Besides this is not politics.. this is bloody entertainment... Entertainment has to be entertainment, it cannot be taken as a judgement about an issue or a cause! 

If Viswaroopam is not released at all, can we say terrorism will stop? Can anyone from the Muslim community that states this as a communal movie, guarantee that no Muslim will be involved in any terrorist attack ever across the globe? If that is the case and they can stand up and state this, let us all support them...  But, it can never be possible, because terrorism has no religion. When a bomb explodes it does not know whether it kilss an Hindu or a muslim or Singala or Thamizh or otherwise. All it needs to find someone dead, is that someone being alive just before it explodes. It does not know color, caste, creed, gender, religion or even age! Do not bring these into entertainment world and play this bloody cheap politics of using Kamal's fame to gain fame which is worse than being a beggar...

People who do not like Kamal, he respects that. You may hate him, but you cannot ignore him because he never gives you that choice! You will watch his movies no matter what!

Let that movie come out and let us all enjoy it! We cannot just be suppressing a great talent by cheap politics. But, be assured! 
Every hurdle will make him reach his goal faster! 
Every criticism will make him wiser! 
Every fall will make him climb the heights that none can dream of! 
And every failure is a success for him! 

So, as a simple Kamal Hassan Fan, I request all not to reduce his speed. Imagine what all he could do without these hurdles! It would be absolute waste of a talent for him to be running around to solve these issues. Allow him to be who he is! He will bring laurels to this nation and land!

Don't worry Kamal Hassan! Time will prove everyone wrong and you right like every single time! You have been ahead of us in time at least by 10 years always! Happy that we have lived in your era!

We know you will never quit! Thanks for what you have been so far and what you will be! Keep proving us wrong! We will be glad that we have been defeated by a world class talent!

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