Monday, March 11, 2013


The other day at work, on the 8th of march, we have been celebrating the International Women's day.
I thought it is a bit unfair to Women to celebrate them on just a day. Never the less, here is what I said and thought.

Every single relationship that a woman gives a man has a lot of meaning. The below are a few roles that I see from my perspective and what they mean to me.

Grand Mother - Give unconditional love and affection. 
Aunt - Give the sense of direction and guidance.
Friend - Give a new perspective about life.
Daughter - Give the purpose of a life.
Sister - Trusted and loyal friend forever.
Wife - Life.
Mother - God (though I say nature is God and that is why we call her Mother Nature!)

Of course, there are many other relationships which mean a lot to a man and I mean no disrespect by missing them. I think they are pretty much included in the list above!

A woman is creator. Everyday is new and let us celebrate her everyday!

Women complete men!

- Raj

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