Thursday, August 29, 2013

Team Play

Sometimes, we got to love the likes of Facebooks for they share a lot of different perspectives. I was watching below because of a FB share and was really overawed by the performance.

While this was an amazing performance (every lady on that team was truly a talent), what it exhibited was the attitude and spirit of being a team. All the attributes of being a team is simply for us to view. Apart from Passion, will to succeed, determination, what I saw were coordination & cooperation & collaboration & co-existence & courage & consideration & care.

We can see that each one wanted everyone to succeed. Each one knew what her role was and importantly others' as well. Each of them knew what needs to be done to be a winning team. They were willing to bend themselves so that others' targets were achieved. They slowed down a bit so that others caught up. They shared their cups when others had less. There was no one leader and everyone was allowed to lead when needed; and everyone stepped in when a need to lead the team arose.

Above all, there was enough trust between them. They always believed that someone was there to catch their property when it was in air, even when others were at their backs!

A best way to see this performance is an execution as a team and survival as a team and success because of being a team. A very good lesson for all the teams across all industries!

PS.: I'm using this video as an appreciation for their performance and also to share my views on how they performed as a team.

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prem9884 said...

Yes. A complete team effort. Everything was good. The performers, their colorful dress, coordination and the background music was equally good.