Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Here comes the New Year and again what I wrote 2 years back makes sense still like what I said last year!

While last year was Year of Optimism, I would like to call this year as an Year of Hope.

Hope is the only factor that keeps waking us up every single day. 
Hope is the only sedative that makes us sleep. 
Hope is the only light that keeps us moving during our darker days.

Hope is the only hope that keeps us looking forward despite setbacks.

I honestly feel that hope is the only cure for all of our problems and wounds.  

May this year be Year of Hope where things will change for good in India and larger world too.
I do hope that there are changes in store for me and everyone associated with me which would be for greater purpose.

All the best to all of us!

Happy New Year!


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