Saturday, February 8, 2014

Again on Choices....

I had posted earlier on what are right or wrong choices and I kind of on a lighter note felt that it is at a few times not so possible.. ;) While I still stand by my earlier remark, here is one of my experience..

The only time you know your choices were right or wrong straight away is when you are at a Toll Plaza..... Shit happens to me every time that I always choose the wrong booth.. And even if I choose the wrong choice you cannot make it work or reverse it.. 

Wanted to write this long back, but since I keep driving a lot in the last couple of months and with 8 Plazas between Erode & Chennai, I feel the frustration creeping up because of making the so called wrong judgment!! 

Feeling really amused on when I can pick a right choice at a toll plaza... 

 - Raj.

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