Monday, October 6, 2014

B' Day - 2014

One more year passes and one more time... Greetings on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, email (surprise that we still have it) and even on Linked In this time... Just happy that I was on the minds of so many individuals during these testing times.

On my last b' day, like every year, no resolutions made, but a few minor tweaks to me, my life style that I intended to make, a couple of which am able to continue and as always, quite a few that I missed pursuing. But as always, no regrets as there is no point.

It's been quite an interesting b'day year. Last birth day was so a quite an one when we spent the entire day as a family at Erode and this year only 4 us here in Derby! Well, yes! Could not believe that I said an yes to uproot my family and have them go through the pain of this hard transition in every sense, leaving my root alone, schooling for Nilaa, the reduction in affection for Oviyaa and of course everything for Leela, to name a few; the sacrifices that they have made is tremendous. I just wish that I do some justice for the pain that they undergo.

Yes, it is for my career sake that I did accept this unfamiliar role which was a bit of struggle in this uneasy terrain, but, I think as like everyone, am now up and running. There are a lot more stuff to learn and I would keep running I believe.

I do miss the warmth of being in my homeland and the comfort of knowing that my blood lives just 400 KMS away. I do miss the strength my friends gave me. I do miss the humidity of Chennai, the smell of sea and India at large, but that is the choice that I did make and I'll live with that. That said, I'm fortunate enough to have the same comfort and strength here in the UK! I don't know how mother nature enables me with a life full of good people wanting to see me succeed and lead a good life. I have made enough friends in here so much so at times it really overwhelms me that I cannot manage any time for them. For the affection that is showered on us here in the UK as well, I can only say that we are gifted. 

Last year, I did say that I would keep life simple. I believe it is still simple, though at times I feel a bit suffocated. May be life is a bit on high pace and tougher than what I anticipated, but again no complaints as it is a choice that we made and we will sail through this. It is a learning process and moving another inch to some sort of maturity. The pressure, the stress, the hardships are probably back to me after a long time, but I know I have no other choice than surviving. I, just like anyone else, will keep hoping that the new dawn is going to be just great.

As of what I shall intend to do the following year, I just want to do justice to the sacrifices the ladies have made for my career sake. I'm determined to make it happen. I know life is not easy and it keeps testing me every moment, but I know I'll prevail. So will everyone!

And finally, Thanks to everyone who had me in your thoughts on this day! These positive vibes would make me more determined. Ensure that you keep showering me with your love.. 

Back to my famous lines...

I love to be loved...
I live to be loved...


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