Wednesday, October 1, 2014

From the Desk of Raj

While Orkut pulled down curtains on itself, just thought I can reflect on what it meant to us as an Internet Social Media.

I was introduced to Orkut by my cousin in 2006 a period when I was traveling quite often and for people who knew me then, I was practically living alone even when in India. It was a period/phase in my life when I had literally none from my comfort zone around. My family or friends. 

When Orkut was introduced to me, I did not know what this was all about. Though I did know and had in the past in a very few occasions, have been part of some chat tools and rooms on yahoo and so on, this was new. Creating a web profile with interests and so on was ok, but little did I know that this medium would have an impact as long as I'm gonna live.

Like everyone, it started off with searching few people and eventually ending up in some good large communities. I was fortunate to be part of a few and a couple of significant ones like Kongu Vellala Gounders community (thanks for my racial side ;)) and Chennai Rulezz where very confidently I can say that I have met quite a lot whom would remain in my life as friends for ever.

While the Orkut is said to be a social networking site, my view is that it was rather a social engineering site. The kind of debates that it enabled on various topics from religion to cinema to politics to of course internal politics, it was more than a collaboration site. It was a real virtual world, as weird as it may sound. For instance within Chennai Rulezz community we have debated on Islam/Hinduism, Srilankan issue, TR to Super Star, from KK to Amma, celebrated b'days, got drunk virtually, attended weddings virtually (a few from virtual world did attend my wedding), we shed tears when someone in the community passed away, there were instances like in every family when there was a dispute when someone dashes out of the home and then coming back, songs, games, music, some affairs, a few marrying and last but not the least quite a few helping building careers!! We had elections and bloody hell, I was a moderator for one of the largest Orkut communities! Now if it is not real what else could be real. Quite a few of us met with, watched movies, dine and wine, phone conferences, it was such a saviour for people like me when at times you feel lonely.

Yes Facebook (I know I'll posting this blog there as well) moved us back into a social networking mode and with the advent of WhatsApp/Telegram we may even move away from other collaboration and social networking sites, however, Orkut would remain special for all the experiences and emotions it gave us. Personally, Orkut was a companion when I really was living alone and at time to the extent of me being addicted to it that I checked Orkut than Outlook. 

I have made enough friends most of them still remain physically strangers but attached in a virtual world where like anyone of our friends whom we know, we wish each other all the best from the bottom of our hearts.

Long Live Orkut!! You will live as long as two of the Orkut friends remain alive or even better, as long as a couple married because of Orkut and their children and great grand children live on, Orkut will live.

To all my Orkut friends, we owe Orkut a lot for it has done to us! Glad that we all met there and have remained friends there after.. Cheers!!!!

PS.: Only my Orkut friends know why I had to name the blog this way! The clue is, that desk is the reason why this blog is in existence. :)


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Tamizh said...

Very very special to me, i did happen to meet my better half through CR in Orkut.. and all those good times in CR were some of the best times of my life..