Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can't find a name for this Write Up!

For once am going to keep it short because whatever more I say may dilute what I intend to say!

I watched this unfortunate clip and wanted to express my sadness on the sorry state of affairs and my desperation for a change in the system.

I cannot blame these individuals and it is in fact unfair that she/he are on this clip. There is nothing funny about this clip, but rather something serious that India needs to consider for itself to even think it can be a force to reckon with. Education is not just a right, but it has to be right as well! We need right teachers and trainers. Pull in every scholar/leader in the country, from APJ to Narayana Murthy, they would fondly remember about at least one teacher who made a difference to them. We need to change!

I'm glad that I was built and trained by a great set of teachers from the best school ever and a great college. But not all is so fortunate like me and my friends. Almost 70% (I might be wrong) of the country's kids are built by people like her! And with this if India can achieve what we have achieved so far, imagine what would be our strength if the system corrected itself by just another 20%!

Not sure how we could take the message to the powers to be and I wish if not through this blog at least somehow they understand what needs to be done!

Again.. I'm sorry for these individuals on the clip and I would call her the flag bearer for change than a scape goat!

- Raj
PS.: If this video violates any copyright, please write to me I shall delete it.

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