Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!

While I called 2014 as the year of Hope, I want to call this year as the year of Determination.

We have come too far, too away from life with a lot of greed and hatred in the very name of life, God and Religion. 

Be it wars, be it bombs, be it storming a school and killing children, be it raping a friend, be it shooting down a flight, and quite a lot more of actions like these makes me say that we are not humans any more. Our souls are corrupt and our hearts there by empty!

Let us in this New Year, bring in the courage and determination into our souls to start changing ourselves to be Humans again; For no more children should die or girls be raped in the name of anything! 

Let the New Year take away all the greed and hatred....
Let the New Year bring in lot more giving and love...

Let this year of determination bring back the peace and harmony into the world, because we all deserve it!

Let us all enjoy the joy of giving and be loved!

Charlie Chaplin had said it long back.............

A very Happy and Joyous New Year to everyone!

Let my path be determined by my soul...
என் ஜீவன் போடும் பாதையில் போவேன்...


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