Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alyan Kurdi....

May you rest in peace after making quite a lot of us restless and helpless inhuman!

While the pressures of migrants are real, all this family was doing is trying to find a way to live. And the world leaders are responsible for this, not for stopping immigrants, but to have created the conflicts in the first place. 

It is just GREED!!!! This greed of only an handful of people is moving out ethnics of their own country fleeing their homes. I strongly feel that this is the start of the end of this world and this civilization however modern we think we are. If the greedy do not understand the needy it is their bodies that need to be washed to the shores and not a 3 year old's! I dare not post that picture for after a long time it brought tears to my eyes!

Am sorry Alyan Kurdi.

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