Thursday, January 29, 2015

India Salutes Indu Mukund

In the memory of Major Mukund Varadharajan. Jai Hind!

I was watching the Indian Republic day parade of 2015 and the first on the agenda was Ashok Chakra which is India’s highest peacetime gallantry award. First to come up was Mrs. Indu Mukund wife of Major Mukund who lost is life while fighting terrorists in Kashmir. She stood there before the most powerful men of the land President Pranab, PM Modi, the most powerful person on the earth, President Obama and watched by millions around the world. What struck me was how composed and calm she was, head held high with no tears, no expressing of pain or sorrow but a sheer exhibition of Pride of being Mukund's wife. I was thinking, if Mukund was around he would have been so proud of this young lady who was not perturbed by any of those nuances as she was just doing it for Mukund and her daughter. He would have been more proud to have Mrs. Indu Mukund as his wife than probably the award in itself.

While like everything in life around us, from a plane crash to an hurricane to a conflict to even an homicide, for everyone who is not related to Major Mukund his martyrdom and the emotions it created should have been long lost in memory. No complaints because that is just the way life is. None of us can carry everything with us all the time. But those memories and emotions were back at the moment I saw her walk up those steps and stood up in the most dignified manner one can! Courageous! Not about standing in front of those many people but to fight those emotions that she alone can understand; to fight the pain that she alone can feel! Courageous! This shows the love she has for her man.

And it just so happened that I had to watch her interview to Barka on NDTV, I was so inspired for the strong will she exhibited on TV which strikingly similar to what I thought she would have gone through those moments while walking up those steps. There were quite a few quotes during that interview which will linger in my mind forever. 

It's because of the love I have for him; not had.
He would love to see me happy. My strength to lead an happy life and give my daughter an happy life comes from that.
Every love is different. 
The Tag line in NDTV sums up all "India Should See The Man Mukund Was, Not My Sorrow." 

She could have become emotional or been on tears at every single moment in that interview, but she chose not to; not even during read out of the poem she wrote the day after Major Mukund's death. 

For me, she is an inspiration to continue to live on, no matter what happens. I've lost quite a few so close to my heart and of course I have learnt to live without them. But, that's not what am talking about that now. Its also about those small issues, petty politics at work, small differences within relationships, a rainy day, a sunny day, a snowy day, a small feeling of victory in all of these and what not! This young but strong lady showed me how life can't be shallow; how to celebrate life; how to celebrate one's life; how to life an happy life for other's sake!

Mrs. Indu Mukund, I do not know if ever you would get to read my post, but do know that you have an admirer. I hope the nation and the government supports you to lead an happy life and help you in fulfilling your dream of giving your daughter an happy life! I wish that nature gives you all the strength and courage in life and reach the end you wish for (albeit slowly), that is to reach Major Mukund who will be waiting to hug you with all the smiles!

To me you are not a soldier's wife, but a soldier.

I cannot be emotional. Am just inspired!!! .

On Behalf of every Indian, Raj
PS.: I do realize there are a lot of soldiers like Mrs. Indu Mukund and this is dedicated to all of them. Hail them all!

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