Sunday, October 11, 2009


Again one more debade..... Why we are hell bent to our empoyers in the IT industry. And my response!

Its called exploitation!
It happens in every single minute in human existence.

It happens in every society, community, industry, office, house, (wedded) lives so on and so fort.

I also know why we see IT as the culprit! No other industry had such an enormous and exaggerated growth than this industry. And If you see the last century, any industry which was at its peak stayed there only for less than 5 years. Be, it physics, astronomy, chemical, nuclear etc.,. But IT has sustained its peak for more than 15 years now.

Am not talking about IT in India alone. Its about the entire world. Even the peaking of other industries have gone unnoticed, because of the scales of IT industry.

The reason is the IT industry is not a self sustained Industry in itself. It pretty much is a dependent industry on other industries. A small eg., I come from a family which has a back ground of Civil Industry. Even today we continue our projects there. Until 12 years back, we used to hire Civil Diplomas and Engg. Graduates to do the designing for a project. THey used to have drafters and big boards and sheets to do it. Now with CAD, I can myself do it (with all due respect to the Engineers)! We need technical expertise only when we go live like raising RCC structures etc.,.

I think, I pretty much deviated from the topic. EXPLOITATION! No bloody system in the world is immune to this. The point is.. don't blame a single entity in the system. Its the total eco system that is probably not right, but I guess thats what nature has taught us! Survival of the fittest! Take life as it comes!

- Raj

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karthi said...

yeah i agree with u,the point is the way u view the world.the sucess
comes earlier in IT ind so people
think inthat way.