Monday, October 19, 2009

God Helps a person who helps himself...

Big Hats off to God who is silently managing the world even though lots of bad things are happening infront of his eyes

- A statement by a fellow community person on Orkut!

How a contradicting statement..... "there are a lot of bad things when God is around!" If God was there, how could this happen? Aren't we supposed to live peacefully if God has a purpose to create us all in the first place? Am not questioning the existence of God! Am just questioning the blind faith that put on power external to us! Why don't we take responsibility to our actions?

First believe in yourselves! Then believe in power beyond your control! I don't deny that there is something that external to us that has an effect on us. Call it time, luck, God, fate, butterfly effect what ever.... but be sure about the fact that your actions and deeds determine your future, your existence. For eg.,. I believe nature is the most powerful thing that controls us. When it unleashes a flood, my actions should be to run to high grounds or swim or hold a tree. If I don't do any of these, am sure to be erased.

So what ever be your ideology, believe in you! You are the least powerful creature in this universe, but you are the only one who is equipped with all the powers to control yourself! Don't miss your actions and blame God! Do it yourself! God helps a person who helps himself! Again.. here God can be anyone whom you think.. a idol, time, fate, luck, Nature etc.

- Raj


Archana said...

I'm reminded of what Mark Twain once said: God: The most popular scapegoat for our sins.

I guess people use the God concept to shift the blame when they have no answers or no scapegoats.

Man has persevere therefore, mankind had endured and evolved, right? :)


Vimala Arul said...
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