Thursday, July 12, 2012

Charity at Work!

I know almost all of us do this one called Charity.
After all, what the parents gave us is in itself Charity. Almost all, does give a lot satisfaction; Be it on the road, be it a cheque to an organization, be it for your maids and so. Because all these will give a sense thankfulness back be it immediate or be it late. And we know that deep down in the heart.

But there is one charity that you know deep down in your heart that it is betrayal. That is actions and help that you do at your job which benefits others either by ourselves or by themselves like by grabbing attention, claiming that they did it, sidelining people, politics and so on. It happens day in and day out and mostly by people whom we know. I know it really takes a lot of character to remain afloat when these things happen continuously and when you lack the support from your management, but then, that is the key! That is your character! Do not change it! 

And deep down we know it is after all charity and charity is supposed to give us a good life! 
And deep down we know betrayals ruin life!

So all betrayals, take it as a charity from you! Do not change your character, most importantly do no move away from being charitable! Giving is really good thing! Only people who give know the satisfaction out. It doesn't matter if you were fooled or you did it on your own! You are giving! Keep doing it.

One day, life will show the fruits of it, it will be sweet for you and ripe for the ones who betrayed! And for the ones who received it sweet, we will always enjoy. And for the ones who had it ripe, they have no choice as it would be too late!

So do not lose passion and do not lose pride! These will ensure that you will sail through!

- Raj.

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srinivas said...

Yes Raj, I really made up mind after conversation with you yesterday eveining..

Keep doing with passion and pride.