Saturday, August 4, 2012

What is Growth?

In today's fast paced world, growth has become a mockery. I'm purely talking about one's growth in career.
People relate growth to money and power. They say I'm this much experienced and I deserve to grow!

Can growth be so easy that with years passing by and yet a person continues to do what he/she did three years back?
Can growth happen to a person within a company without contributing anything to it?
Can promotions happens because he has to be promoted rather than he deserved to be promoted?
Can a person by virtue of jumping companies be positioned for something substantially higher that what he can do?

What would happen in these circumstances? He/She is set for failure! And that means that everything around that person also fails. Be it team, be it business. All are set for failure.

To people who think money is measure of growth; you are wrong. Knowledge is!
To people who think power or authority or numbers (I lead so many people), is a measure of growth; you are wrong. Responsibilities are!

Money is not everything that can solve all the problems. Neither does power! Remember the end of the Hosini's and Saddam's.

When you have knowledge, you have more maturity.
When you have more maturity you are ready for more responsibilites!

Growth can neither be money nor authority.

It is the measure of your responsibilities!!
Seek to gain more knowledge and experience.
With both seek more responsibilities.

When you have them and the right attitude, the growth in terms of power and money follows!

- Raj

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