Friday, July 6, 2012

Past is Past?

Nothing personal against anyone. I was triggered when one fellow manager said this to me regarding his direct report. I felt it was not right.
- Raj.

I hate when someone says, past is past! And let us forget it! Particularly when in discussion with higher ups. If past becomes irrelevant, why should I do what I'm to do today as I know it becomes insignificant tomorrow? 

For Managers!
The achievements of individuals in the past portrays the strengths of them!
The under achievements or mistakes of them gives you an opportunity to know where not to fit them in and where to concentrate to mold them into a better individual! 
We cannot simply say I do not care what you did in the past and discard their achievements and mistakes!
- Raj

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Engram said...

Correct Raj...past cannot be forgotten nor can it be discarded without pondering over it. If your manager seems to tell you that he is not bothered about your past then i personally would say that he is not fit to be a manager.