Thursday, August 9, 2012

CAP for Life.....

A lot of times, I've heard people talking about productivity, ability and capability and how to improve these.

To me, these are a bit abstract terms and are very dependent on a lot of other factors.

Rather than talking about people's views on these terms/factors, I would state what my understanding and belief are how to achieve these and what people should worry about or concentrate on to improve them. Here is what I call CAP of life.

C - I would work on the commitment of a person than his capability. I know that capability, while it can be improved, I feel that it depends on  a person's COMMITMENT towards that. If we do not have a commitment towards a certain cause, I would would say, not matter what capability we have within ourselves we would never be able to achieve that cause.

A - If I were to groom a person in my team, I would not worry about his ability much. I would rather look deep into his attitude on life! No matter what your ability is, if you do not have the right attitude, you are as good as nothing. Attitude can be changed and with that ones ability to perform to the expectations enhances! So let us concentrate on our ATTITUDE and ability will follow.

P - Productivity. This of course is probably dependent on Ability and Capability of an individual. So one has to have the attitude and commitment to improve him/herself. However, what's so more important is the PASSION he/she has towards the cause. Without PASSION, nothing goes on in life! I keep telling my team the below. 

Cleaning shit or having sex, do it with passion for it defines whether you are doing a shitty job or a sexy job.
With Passion - a sexy job in cleaning shit; Without passion - A shitty job in having sex!
(forgive my choice of words)

My thought - Without COMMITMENT, ATTITUDE and PASSION, nothing moves on in life!

- Raj

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